B.Sc. Psychology

Bachelor of Science – Psychology

B.Sc. – Psychology

Programme’s mission and Objectives:
The Knowledge of Psychology provides a basic understanding about Human Behaviour in general, and the exceptional/deviant behaviour at specific context. This promotes the profession of Psychometry, Assessment, Counsel- ling (including remedial counselling) to help the people to enhance the overall quality of life in all the spheres of life. The knowledge of Psychology is needed to all the individuals and communities over the world to bring about developmental changes in individual/ group as well as in the Society.
Nature of prospective target group of Learners:
The Bachelor of Psychology Programme has been designed for those who are interested in serving the society through caring the individuals and groups with some problem, and people affected with disease/ disorder as well as disability as well as weaker sections of the society.
This Degree programme will provide adequate knowledge of Psychology which will help to develop professionals in Psychology as well as the following manpower: Teachers and Counselors in Schools, colleges, Employment in Hospitals, Homes for the aged/Women/Children, Prisons, TNPSC recruitments, and to become to Counselors in IT & Corporate Sectors.
Eligibility Criteria
Candidates should have passed the Higher Secondary Examination (10+2 pattern) conducted by the Board of High- er Secondary Education, Government of Tamilnadu or any other examination (10+2 pattern) accepted by Syndicate, as equivalent thereto.

Structure of the B.Sc Psychology Programme

Course Course Code Course Title
I Year -Semester I
Language BFTM-01 Tamil / other languages
Language BFEG-01 Foundation in English
Core I BSYS-11 General Psychology – I
Core II BSYS-12 Biological Psychology – I
Elective-1 BSYS-EL 11 Educational Psychology
I Year – Semester II
Language BFTM-02 Tamil / other languages
Language BFEG-02 Foundation in English
Core III BSYS-21 General Psychology – II
Core IV BSYS-22 Biological Psychology – II
Elective2 BSYS-EL 21 Health Psychology
II Year -Semester III
Language BFTM-03 Tamil / other languages
Language BFEG-03 Foundation in English
Core V BSYS-31 Developmental Psychology – I
Elective -3 BSYS-32 Research Methods & Statistics
Elective-4 BSYS-EL 31 Learner ‘s Choice – CBCS
II Year -Semester IV
Language BFTM-04 Tamil / other languages
Language BFEG-04 Foundation in English
Core VI BSYS-42 Developmental Psychology – II
Elective-5 BSYS-43 Experimental Psychology- I (Practical)
Elective -6 BSYS-EL 41 Life Skills Education
CCE Environmental Studies
III Year -Semester V
Core VII BSYS-51 Abnormal Psychology – I
Core VIII BSYS-52 Social Psychology – I
Core IX BSYS-53 Guidance & Counselling Psychology
Elective-7 BSYS-EL 51 Industrial /Organizational Psychology
Elective-8 BSYS-EL 52 Learner ‘s Choice – CBCS
III Year -Semester VI (Tamil Nadu Open University)
Core X BSYS-61 Abnormal Psychology-II
Core XI BSYS-62 Social Psychology-II
Core XII BSYS-63 Human Resource Development
Elective -9 BSYS-EL 61 Experimental Psychology- II (Practical)
Elective -10 BSYS-EL 62 Basic Counselling Skills

* Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA)           #Term End Examination (TEE)
CC- Core Courses                                                     GE- Generic Electives
DSE- Discipline Specific Electives                        SEC- Skill Enhancement Courses
AECC- Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses

B.Sc. Psychology – Courses offered by PIC
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