Al-Fajr International School (AFIS) established in the year 2009 is located at the IT hub of Chennai, Taramani. The school aspires to impart both academic and religious proficiency to the pupils. The school imparts application-oriented curriculum for its learners. By God’s compassion, they are successfully stepping into our 12th year and are ecstatic to proclaim that they’ve been successfully pursuing the core principles on which the school was established.

Al-Fajr International School primarily focuses on moulding students both academically and religiously. They also at the same time don’t stifle the students with study materials beyond what they can bear. The welfare of their beloved students and teachers are always their initial priority. The school gives them sovereignty at the same time also accentuates on education. The outstanding teachers and support staff at AFIS are committed to develop and nurture the student’s faith in God, and to prepare them to pass with flying colours with quality education and the ability to share their faith.

AFIS focuses to impart integrity and quality education which transcends beyond books, thereby moulding the students into refined, empirical, socially accountable and God-fearing human beings. They endeavour to accomplish our mission by formulating a conducive environment with the assistance of eligible teachers, to stimulate and comprehend inventiveness and innovation amongst our pupils. AFIS strongly acknowledges that the road to learning never ceases and that education is an incessant journey which must be ventured throughout one’s life.

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