Being an epitome of Islamic colleges, it’s only fair that our students have an Islamic environment when inside the campus. Hence, they’ll be no free mixing of students. The students have to follow a dress code which is modest and decent. The female students are required to have a face-covering along with their usual uniform.  The Masjid at Preston is called Masjid-e-Bilal which is opened for both students and public to attend. Khutbah’s are held on all Friday’s in English & Tamil languages and it is uploaded in our YouTube channel for the good of others to hear the thoughtful words that are applicable for the entire humanity.

The masjid is spacious and has a comprehensive Wudoo area as well. There is a separate prayer area for sisters and also a metal-staircase that sisters can utilise to enter their area in the masjid. The masjid has elevator facility as well. The students can also utilise this space for Qur’an recitation and silent discussions.




As a gift to the Muslim Community of Alwarpet, the Institution organized a Masjid named ‘Masjid -e- Bilal’ located on the I Floor of the Campus and is open to public for Prayer and reflection. Spaciousness, eco-friendly and Extensive Wudoo Area are some of its salient features. The audio system in the Masjid was done in such a way to avoid echoes, audible throughout the masjid encourages the audience to focus on the speaker.

Facilities available in our Masjid

  • Separate seating arrangements for Sisters
  • Exclusive entrance from Ground Floor for Sisters
  • Elevator facility also available
  • Jumu’ah Khutbah in English (Tamil during first week of every calendar month)


The classrooms, are fully furnished with state-of-the-art technology to be at par with the standards set by the world’s best institutes. The Teaching-Learning pedagogy used in the classrooms is IT enabled and all classrooms are equipped with a standard array of presentation equipment that provides our faculty with the best multimedia tools for their instructional needs The classrooms can accommodate upto 100 students , We have centralized AC, Audio visual  teaching aids, HD Projector, Video Camera, Still Camera, DVD, Multimedia Computer, Audio Systems, etc., in order to ensure overall development of students . Ours a complete Wi-Fi enabled campus, which can facilitate students to discuss academic topics, submit their assignments online, see their class notes, study through specially designed learning resources. Girls and boys are separated with a movable partition. To make the students comfortable, Genset facility is installed as a backup power option.



Our library is well-equipped to support and facilitate teaching, learning and research programmes. Well stocked with the most authentic, latest books, and research publications, open to all students, faculty members, alumni and upon requests to visitors. In addition to the professional reading the library provides a good amount of leisure reading and books for soft skills development. All subjects related to the colleges academic and research programmes have been included in the collection. Books are found in a variety of languages of which many are rare to find.  Students are encouraged to read more as through it they will learn more.