Under Graduate Degree Courses

Certificate in Islamic Studies

Preston International College is a place where students learn and prepare to be people who do great things in their areas of influence, both now and in the future.

Why Islamic Studies?

  • Opportunity to broaden, deepen and enrich their understanding of Islam.
  • Promote the appreciation of Islamic ethics and code of personal practice.
  • Prepare students to contribute in Islamic, multi-religious and cultural environments.
  • Equip students with the skills they need to pursue lifelong learning.
  • Develop critical and analytical thinking skills in students.

Certificate in Islamic Studies (English & Tamil)


  1. To enable students to correctly understand the fundamental principles of underlying Islamic Teachings.
  2. To prepare the students on doctrines and Jurisprudence of Islam.
  3. To enable students to serve as faithful representatives of a practiced Islam.

Programme Outcomes

The Certificate in Islamic Studies learners will be able to understand

  1. The Islamic religious tradition within historical, social and cultural contexts;
  2. Visual, performative and oral expressions of the heritage of Islam, including language, literature, art, and architecture;
  3. Intra-Islamic differences and issues of inter-cultural diversity and integration within the Islamic world;
  4. The political systems of Muslim majority countries.

Course Specific Outcomes

  1. The students will acquire necessary skills in reading and using both classical and modern Arabic. Without these skills they cannot expect to access the vast treasury of Islamic thought and culture, still less to benefit by interrogating it critically.
  2. Arabic remains the common language among Islamic scholars from different parts of the world and is therefore essential for the exchange of perspectives and experiences. We enable the students to read the Qur’aan and Qur’aanic commentary, so that they understand how its teaching educates conscience and behaviour.
  3. They will be able to explain others, s well as understand for themselves, how the guidance of the Qur’aan relates to contemporary issues and circumstances.

The Certificate in Islamic Studies has been designed for those who desire to gain authentic Islamic knowledge correctly derived from the Qur’aan as understood by the early generations of righteous scholars. The students represent a diverse group coming from all over Tamil Nadu.

List of Subjects in each Semester are as follows:

Semester I Semester II
S. No. Subject S. No. Subject
1 Arabic Foundation – I 1 Arabic Foundation – II
2 Aqeedah I – Belief in Allaah 2 Aqeedah II – Other Pillars of Eemaan
3 Islamic History I – Seerah Makkan Life 3 IslamIc HIstory II –  Seerah Madeenan Life
4 Fiqh I – Tahaarah & Salaah 4 Fiqh II – Zakaah, Sawm & Hajj
5 Hadeeth I -Ahadeeth on Manners & Etiquettes 5 Hadeeth II -Introduction of Sciences of Hadeeth
6 Qur’an I – Tarjama of Surah Al-Fajr – Al-Alaq 6 Qur’an II – Tarjama of Surah Al-Qadr – An-Naas
7 Tajweed I – Makharij & Noon Sakinah 7 Tajweed II – Meem Sakinah & Mudood
Semester III Semester IV
S. No. Subject S. No. Subject
1 Arabic III – Grammar Rules & Stories 1 Arabic IV – Grammar Rules & Morphology
2 Aqeedah III – Shirk & its Manifestations 2 Aqeedah IV – Bid’aat & Ideological Deviations
3 Islamic History III – Abu Bakr RA 3 Islamic History IV – Umar ibn Khattab RA
4 Fiqh III – Marriage, Divorce, Food & Clothing 4 Fiqh IV – Inheritance & Endowments
5 Hadeeth III -Preservation of Sunnah 5 Hadeeth IV -40 Hadeeth of An-Nawawi
6 Qur’an III -Introduction to Sciences of Tafseer 6 Qur’an IV-Tafseer of Selected portions of Yaseen & Kahf
7 Tajweed III – Sifaat 7 Tajweed IV – Waqf & Ibdaa
Semester V Semester VI
S. No. Subject S. No. Subject
1 Arabic V – Advanced Rules 1 Arabic VI – Arabic in Action – LSRW
2 Aqeedah V – Al-Masaail Fil-Aqeedah 2 Aqeedah VI – Clarification of Doubts & Misguided Thoughts
3 Islamic History V – Uthman (RA) & Ali (RA) 3 Islamic History VI – Abbasid, Umayyad & Islam in India
4 Fiqh V – Business & Transactions 4 Fiqh VI – Management, Organization & Planning
5 Hadeeth V- Book of Eeman & Virtues of Companions 5 Hadeeth VI- Book of Manners & Doors of Fitnah
6 Qur’an V -Comprehension of Surah An-Nur 6 Qur’an VI -Tafseer of Surah An-Nur
7 Tajweed V -Qa’idah An-Nooraniyyah 7 Tajweed VI -Tuhfatul Atfaal