Support (SWO)

The welfare of our students is our prime priority. To help them in academics and also with personal problems we have Counselling sessions where the students have all the liberty to interact and pour their heart out on anything that is bothering them. First Aid and other medical facilities are instantly available for the students to access whenever necessary.

Student Welfare

Preston student Welfare Officer has been appointed to address & solve Academic and Administration related issues of the students. The Welfare officer shall abide by the rules and not label anybody, but do the best to listen and understand the youth and work with them to find the best ways to resolve problems, all in view of Quran and Sunnah.

He/She will also aim at playing a vital role in channelizing the energy of students in a positive and constructive way, mainly through Islamic manners and values, which will help in the wholesome development of the student. More focus on adolescents related problems which often arise due to below given factors.

  • Personal and family circumstances
  • Mental or physical health
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Adaptation to a new learning environment
  • Coping with workload/exams/life balance

The Welfare Council Team :-

The Welfare network for students will be managed through Advisers (General Counselling, Tarbiah Head and Admin Support) Guided by Academic Head and Director Operations. Advisers of Study are members of staff, involved in the teaching of the curriculum.

Students Grievance Redressal System ( Approach and line of Action ) :-

The first point of contact for any issue would be the Welfare Officers desk (through personal contact or by email), which in turn would be channelized to relevant departments for their respected inputs and solutions through various modes, listed below

(I) Individual and Group Counselling
(II) On-Line (Email) & Telephonic Guidance & Counselling.
(lll) Regular Orientation and Other Guidance related Activities

All communication with students & parents will be clear, frequent, supportive, coherent and accurate. Free of any prejudice or discrimination.

Monitoring and Review:

Students referred to the Welfare Council would be assisted, monitored & if required will have repeated sessions along with parents to ensure that the support provided is effective.

Student Welfare Officer Male – Shaikh Ehtishamul Huq

Student Welfare Officer Female – Sister Khanam Adila